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I'm a fulltime graphic designer and a freelance photographer. I live in Leuven, Belgium.This site shows you the best of my photography work. You can buy prints or book me for portraits.

So. That was a brief introduction of what I can do for you. If you want to read more about my inspiration, my gear, my passion for photography, keep on reading.

My inspiration... I'm a rather romantic person. Not in the surprise-your-girlfriend-with-diamonds and-poetic-words way, certainly not... but in the sense of Romantic. Like in Romanticism. I love J.M.W. Turner and especially Caspar David Friedrich. The paintings of those masters have a mood that I envy. Rain, fog, sea, loneliness, mystery, death, crosses, ruins, history. The grandeur of a cloudy sky, the decay of an abandoned cemetery, a lovely girl with a sad look in her eyes.
The other half of my brain is minimalist. A monochrome sea with one tiny island. A distant man, dressed in orange, running up a monumental white staircase. The shadow of bolts on an iron plate. One lonely tree standing on an enormous sand dune. An abstract loneliness.

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